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April 4, 2013
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How does it feel to live? Please do tell me

I honestly don’t remember. I’ve forgotten

What friends and idle chatter consist of,

Replaced by classmates, teachers, debates and lectures.

I don’t know anything other than work and study,

And so I have not had much time for living.

Are beds really as soft, warm and comfortable as I’ve been told?

My bed hasn’t been used since summer,

My textbooks and arms are my pillow,

My desk and chair my resting place. It isn’t all that comfortable,

But I don’t have time to get into bed with all this homework to do.

I’ve been told there’s a tradition to sit down

And have dinner with your family, instead of eating while you work.

What on earth do you talk about?

My siblings couldn’t possibly understand what I’m studying,

My parents won’t care, and I can’t be bothered with their chatter.

What is the point? I guess I’ve forgotten so many things,

Ever since the IB took over.

What is the sun actually like, the non scientific sun people enjoy or hate?

Is it warm and caressing, hot and depressing, cold and uncaring?

Does it even exist outside of science?

What is fresh air? Is the sky really blue, or is it

Constantly grey and cold like the ceilings in school?

How I’d love to go somewhere exotic,

Like a park or even my back yard, but alas

I haven’t had time for the great outdoors,

Ever since the IB took over.

What is this fun you speak of and are constantly searching for?

Does it grow on trees? Does it swim in the ocean?

Or is it found deep in outer space?

It obviously can’t be found in a classroom, textbook or desk,

Or I would already know about it.

And perhaps I did, once upon a time…

Before the IB took over.

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