underneath a childs payne

September 2, 2008
underneath my payne is a lost soul that can never be found.

I am just trying to stand tall and just hold my ground.

I am losing focus on everything i do.

I just wonder if my life is true.

I cry mostly every night.

Just because my days on this earth is not right.

I am caught in the middle of alot of things.

I am like a caged animal that love to sing.

I am only fifthteen and things are already falling apart.

My body feels weak and i have an scratched heart.

It can never be fixed even if i try.

some one please help i dont want to die.

I am thinking about alot of things that i should do.

Should i live a street life or just feel blue.

I have nothing not even fait.

I can never love because my soul only shows hate.

I feel trapped inside a dark place.

Cant see nothing but a blinking face.

Just laughing at my fear. From that i know now no one cares

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:PBUBBLES:P said...
Apr. 18, 2009 at 4:01 pm
It sucks that you hate life, that would be horrible. I can totally sympathize with that, I hope things turn out for you. By the way, I like your poem, very emotional.
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