September 1, 2008
By rachel hurley, Travelers Rest, SC

Breaking out
Breaking free
Finding the essence of what you were meant to be
Living life on the edge of decency
Momentary bliss
Equals my last first kiss
Music blaring through the speakers
Questions making shelters in your brain
The truth is what you can't explain
Crying for what you never lost
Blocking out the pain
Hating the game
Hearing the sound of his heart beating
Memories flood
Streams of regret
What you could have done
What you never had
Promises to make things better
Always end in chaos and disaster
Your repeating your own past
Replaying your mistakes
And to think you'll never once remember
You'll keep forgetting
And begin the path
With every breath you get closer
And with every stride you go farther
You know this isn't right
This can't be the last night
Holding your breath for all that needs air
Forgiving the people that never did care
You pray for mercy
Regain the sorrow
"Miss me much?"
You ask.
This is the chance to relive the past.

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