No one likes an ex

September 1, 2008
Someone who held your lover within a time to which you can't subtract nor divide;
Someone who kissed the lips of yours truly;
Don't you just hate the ex.

Hiding your emotions ain't so easy..

When you care for someone its rather hard to forget what they use to have in their past life;
Some would say its jealously but maybe they are just looking at the cup half-empty;
Who's to say that maybe love does crazy things to people and maybe it hurts to know your dearest was with another.

Its not just a boy thing.....

Girls like to know they are the only one not just guys;
Humans have a tend to look for a safe heaven and most of the time its found in the people we hold dear;
Ex's leaves a person feeling rather unsecured.

No one likes an ex cause we all want someone for our own without feeling used...

Its that simple.

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