Peter Pan

September 1, 2008
By Whitney James-Heskett, Ben Lomond, CA

Peter flew through my window
a star in the sky
he promised adventure
and taught me to fly
To Neverland
we fought and we played
he showed me the fairies
and a stunning mermaid
Our laughter rang clear
through the blue spring air
so timeless so free
a moment so rare
But Tink was jealous
and I couldn't stay
I went home through my window
alone all the way
Peter was mine
and he always will be
but I can't keep him
he must always be free
I'll grow up
while a boy he will stay
I'll meet a new man
and will find my own way
But my window stays open
hoping Peter will come
please don't forget me
our adventure's not done
Come back for me Peter
you're the star in my sky
I wait for adventure
come on, teach me to fly

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