Ode to Procrastination

April 5, 2013
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Monday morning, eight thirty bell
“Hello class! I hope you’re well.”
Faces drop, heads nod off,
Yawns are hidden by a cough.
“Oh class! I must say”
“You have a project on the way!”
No! Another project? Hear my plea!
Another project? Please spare me!
Oh, the horror has come too soon,
At least let me sleep till noon!
Heads lift up, sleepy eyes open
Hearts are crushed, dreams of sleep broken.
Out go the pens, the pencils and the paper.
With every passing second, my anguish grows greater.
Oh! But what’s that I hear?
The bell! The bell!
Sweet music to my ears!
Leap from the confines,
Of this wretched Combine,
Out into the open!
To the sunshine golden!
“But wait, class! You forgot the date!”
“The project is due on April 28th!”
Surely weeks from now can I wait,
Before the very much dreaded due date!
Oh, please don’t scold me when I delay,
I promise I’ll do it -
Another day!

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