The lesson of Life

April 5, 2013
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Life is what we have from dawn to dusk; we spend it living our lives from here to our lives out there in the real world to. At times we seek the answers to life and we try to find the purpose of our own different lives. Some of us may go on to bigger and better things while others will just waste there own different lives.

From my perspective it seems that life is when we share our days together from morning to night, together we enjoy our lives in peace, harmony, and pros pair. By laughing, playing, and getting along we get peace in the world, playing music in the air we get harmony everywhere. But there are those who seem to think that war is the way to go of kayos and destruction “OH NO”.

In life we may never find the purpose of it but here’s what I think it is. I think the purpose in life is to spend the lightness of morning to the darkness of night with friends and loved ones to.

In the morning to the darkness of dusk this is the time friends and family spend there days on this world. Together it seems this is how life is, spending time together in this one life that we own and cherish with all our hearts.

Remember this lesson here and now this is the purpose of life. Even if people become rich and wealthy some may exclude there loved ones from there life. They may seem happy but they are truly dead inside. So remember this lesson at this time cause it will lead to happiness and joy.

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