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The Last Lullaby

September 1, 2008
By Iz Tsugarag, Dublin, OH

Cerulean always dreamt of what will happen in the near future like in kindergarten she dreamt of a scream, an ambulance, and the smell of iron. The next day, a student sliced their finger open and screamed and the smell of iron… no, blood… lingered in the area near them and an ambulance came to give the student stitches. That night, she had an awful dream, where Anastasia-her best friend- was hanging and she had a pen jabbing out of her throat at first she thought she committed suicide but she saw a person, a man about mid-20s with dark blue eyes like sapphires, and brown hair, standing with fresh blood on his hands then as if he hadn’t noticed what he was doing, looked at Ani then at his hands started crying and ran away his lips started moving, but she couldn’t hear him. She woke up startled, and went to her parent’s room and woke them up by jumping up on their bed, and once they were up she said, “We have to get to the school NOW!” As they got in the car, she explained her dream and not having time to grieve, she broke down and she knew it was too late because she lost her connection with Ani’s spirit. As they neared the school, Cerulean ran inside to find the doors unlocked, and right in the middle of the hallway, was Ani, tiny little Ani. Her perfect blonde hair in perfect little pigtails, with fuzzy scrunchies. She was wearing the party dress that she was wearing for her last birthday party, with the frills on the bottom, the pretty baby pink bow on the back, and the pretty little baby blue frosting streak going across it from when her twin, Aric, dipped his finger in the frosting, and wiped it on the front of Ani’s dress to get her in trouble. Ani did get in trouble, just not for that reason. Ani decided that she could take a huge glob of cake and lob it at her twin, except she missed, and hit the boy next door’s mothers behind! All the kids howled with laughter, and they all started to throw cake at each other. Tanya,-boy next door’s mother- turned beet red and stormed inside the house only to come out with the twins’ mother. She called everyone to order, and while they all stood still, she figured out who threw the cake at Tanya. Ani and the others eventually had clean-up duty to clean up the mess, and when Tanya, and Jak-The boy next door- left, everyone giggled as they saw Tanya’s behind as she stormed to the rusty red pickup truck, and without hesitation, sat in the old fabric seat. The next day at school, Ani and Aric were the most popular people at school because it was a party that the whole school went to, and everyone thought it was the coolest party ever! People actually took pictures and wanted them autographed, others wore a dress that was similar, and they put a baby blue streak on it, mimicking Ani’s every move, and eventually, started a food fight in the school lunchroom. Students participated, and students were recreating war battles. Eventually, it became a full lunch battle that when students were hit, they pretended to die very dramatically. Jak told everyone when the lunch battle was over how the frosting on his mother’s rear left a butt-print on the fabric seat. Everyone giggled, and that was that. But that was awhile ago, and now Ani was gone. The little Ani turned a corner and giggled. Cerulean followed obeyingly and then she saw it. Ani was- dead. It looked just like her dream did.

The author's comments:
If oyu have something to say about this, please say it!! I want feedback so I know what to improve! I started this in fifth grade, so I rantd a little, not having the original.

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Jak said...
on Sep. 11 2008 at 11:30 am
Okay, I messed up a little on this one

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