The Lunch Table

September 1, 2008
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The lunch table used to wear
A cheerful, smiling face
He was so delighted
To be such a happy place

He listened to the gossip
Taking in every last word
But of course, the lunch table
Never repeated what he heard

He loved the seven voices
He heard every afternoon
They ate and chat then left
With the promise to return soon

But then there came a day
A day the lunch table feared
A day with no gossip or laughter
Because two voices disappeared

In the weeks that followed
Each voice left, one by one
The lunch table was confused
Was it something he had done?

He tried to find his dear friends
And was shocked to discover
They were all in the same room
But not with one another

To this day, the lunch table
Stands alone, he'll never
Understand what happened to
Those so-called "best friends forever"

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