a part of my rainbow- Death of Wisdom

April 3, 2013
By nonbinarycheezit GOLD, Milton, New Hampshire
nonbinarycheezit GOLD, Milton, New Hampshire
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oh, great tree, standing high above all,
giving your wisdom to all he who lives,
such comfort you give me,
as i walk near,
for others that come close to you,
you see them with distrust,
away with their souls you take them,
i place myself before you,
bestowed with demons, you will always be my friend.
wrapping me in your beautiful cobwebs,
calling me closer with your branches of decay,
oh, great tree, how your magnificence intruges me,
i enter your domain,
where all your souls are kept,
your spirits filling me,
encasing me in your darkness,
oh, great tree, of death wisdom wise,
take me your prisoner,
put me under your spell,
oh, great tree,
forever i am in peace.

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