September 1, 2008
I open up the closet
In the corner of my mind.
Never did I think of
The strange unearthing I would find.

My courage opens the door
To let me peek on in,
And sure enough I find
The three skeletons of sin.

The first represents desire:
The craving, the wanting,
It leads to envy and greed.
This skeleton is haunting.

The next is the skeleton of hatred,
And how I hate it so.
The detestation, the loathing,
When you have sunken so low.

The last sits back in the corner;
The skeleton of choice.
The freedom to make decisions,
The ability to have a voice.

The last I fear most of all,
Because it reflects me best.
My own will, my own power,
Can I control God’s greatest test?

The skeletons are calling,
Pulling me into their snare.
But I have a secret weapon,
The third skeleton, the hidden flare.

The possibilities are endless,
And my future is my own.
I lock the closet door
So they will leave me alone.

A skeleton is a secret.
A skeleton is a sin.
So always check your closet,
And never let them in let them in.

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