September 1, 2008
By Andrea Garcia-Vargas, Dublin, OH

The reason I don't love you
Is the reason for which I do
You're my chocolate-covered truffle and my heroin too.

As viscous honey is to a bee
So are you to me,
Adhering to mind, body, soul -- these are hotel rooms I give you, free

An artificially flavored creation
With corn sugar and a tie-dye sensation
Winter forest smell and summer-licked skin as clashing decorations

I tasted you one time
And you taste like a lime
So sour yet sweet, like a lonely slant rhyme

Then your fruit rotted
Yet I still stayed besotted
A butterfly in a web, a plant deeply potted

Your key is stuck inside my door
I want you to stop, but I still want more
I hate to step outside my lines, but your stranger's candy makes me soar

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