What Is Happening To The World?

September 5, 2008
By Gamaliel B. Romero, Glendale, AZ

im Gamaliel R. people call me Gammy and this is how i look at the world right now, i see wars and racial stuff,heres my song to cover this,

yeah Baby Gammy, im gonna tell u whats
happening in the world, lets go!

whats wrong with this world,
all i see is racial stuff in the world, all we doing is messing up the world, we should join instead of fight
in the world,

people are different and equal in some
no one is better than anyone but i still pray,
cause i see people fighting wars every single day,
why do we fight for, we fight for freedom and we got it today,
but you guys fight i pray,
people die every single day,
for racial reasons but i say,
im here and tying to persuade,
with out this world we wouldnt be here today...

im trying to say that when people fight wars we are just messing up
the world and thats not good, but im just gonna keep praying maybe one day
its gonna stop, i hope...

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on Sep. 10 2008 at 2:25 pm
wow thats all i can say is wow

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