March 24, 2013
Youre thinking you can't get away from these problems
You're runnin on the treadmill thinkin nobody can solve them
Your life is fine
But you're in denial
Stop wastin time
And get away from these finals
It's like you're bein tested and you don't know the answers
So you decide to cheat
And look over at your partner
But he's done with bein used up
And messed up
And screwed with
He decided to quit life
Sayin he couldn't handle it
And you thought he had the life didn't you
But he left a suicide note
On his dresser
To persecute
He got away didn't he
Innocence is cruel when you live in poverty
You'll do just about anything
Just to get away
So you'll take this test
And then you'll move out of state
You just can't handle it
Livin this way
You messed up
And took the fall
Yeah you made some mistakes
And you'll make some more
Yeah you'll end up in the pile
And fired
And makin people smile
But they'll always forget you
And get you
And lose you
They'll get their way
But you gotta stay you
And you gotta stay true to those hoodrats
And old hags
Cause they'll remember who you are
If you say truths and run fast
Yeah you'll be that
Yeah you'll spit facts
Yeah you'll remain at the top and stay bad
You'll be hated and degraded
And probably end up fat
But if you remain you
Why is change lookin so bad
You made change
You gave change
You always keep extra change
You change the people who don't wanna be changed
But are because they had you
So while you're tryna run away from these problems
Remember you're on a treadmill and they ain't goin nowhere
And remember where you are
And who you are
And who you want to be
Remember how you're fine
And people are in poverty
Remember to stay calm
And change is good
Remember all the things that happened
Because they should
Because that's the way they end up
They forget what built them up
Till death do us part
They changed you
Shaped you
So stay true
Stay strong
Cause you aren't you
Without all the things that you've done
So find what you want
And become

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