Broken Hearts

September 5, 2008
By Holly McAllister, Virginia Beach, VA

you paint the portrait of my life
so without you its black and white
as you go take your final bow
you ignore my plea, "dont leave me now"
background singing at the end of the day
and once again i'm falling your way

ashes-to-ashes, heart-to-heart
to rebuild a new one mine has to break apart
a shattering sound screams into the night
as i come to terms with all of the lies
sweet nothings, whisper words you used to sing me to sleep
but now you're gone and so is the dream

you can shelf that bottle of sympathy
i'm just another losing nominee
time and my heart is ticking by
silence takes over as our words go dry
because i could spend forever staring into your eyes
though i cant help but wonder if i ever cross your mind

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