Shattered Dreams

September 4, 2008

The color of our bond is now blue
Which doesn't mean I'm mad at you
Just sad that even when I tried
Reality bit me in the face, and the dream then died

Then when reality flew right by
The truth had been caught by my unbelieving eye
Even though that the lie felt so good
The whole idea was shaky, like a house built of hollow wood

Though my waning flesh thought I could try
My beating heart taught me that it was a lie
We couldn't be together even if we hadn't tried yet
The rainbow is proof enough, theres a huge step from red to violet

Fair Violet, Call me forth not
Theres a demented twist in this so called plot
Torment, Sadness, Broken Hopes and Shattered Dreams were all directors of the play
Although, "Hope and failure shouldn't mix" or so they say

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