The First Physics Love Poem In the History of the World

September 4, 2008
In some odd, detached way
Physics called to me
Saying something seductive about resonance, tone,
and the fourth harmonic interval
Before, I had been the node, where the wave never touched
The part that stood alone.

Then the radiant heat of your smile
Warmed my tiny heart
Until I couldn’t help but laugh at my vulnerability
Allowing me to believe in something
That seemed magical, that I hadn’t learned about

A tiny wave
Just some silly oscillation
Anything to get your attention.
Heat is the kinetic energy of molecules
Sublimation, convection,
All that separates us is a layer of electrons
You can’t touch without being touched
Opposites attract.
Vectors have speed and direction

But where are they going?
To that land of scientific
And you
Are you already in love
Do pendulums and transverse waves
Occupy your every thought
Are you making your own charm quarks
Am I just a change of phase

Could we ever be together
In our own world of knee-high neap tides
Are we just isotopes of the same element
Or will the law of universal gravitation
Always keep us apart

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c0oLlaCeY said...
Feb. 12, 2009 at 3:47 pm
hehe! super tnx^^ i used this poem for my project in pgysics very useful^^
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