September 4, 2008
By mouse. GOLD, Kewanee, Illinois
mouse. GOLD, Kewanee, Illinois
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Write what you feel.

I stare up at the sky
It’s gloomy and grey

An unexpected erge fills me to just take off and run
To release everything I have and just take out my anger
On the sidewalk that’s beneath me

I walk slowly to the edge of the sidewalk, and take off
Like a rock being shot from a sling shot

My hot breath mixes with the chilling air as I breathe heavily in and out
The trees around me release the dying leaves
As the season changes

My heart pounds wildly as I continue to run
Anger leaves my body once ounce at a time
As my feet hit the pavement one after the other

I notice that people are watching me from a distance
It doesn’t bother me
To keep going is the only thing on my mind

I keep trudging on, not stopping for anything
My face flushes red, from the cold hitting it

Minute my minute my body grows tired
My legs ach in protest, they demand to stop

They finally buckle under me
Unable to keep going, I fall in the grass

I twist my tired body to look up at the sky
Watching the could covered sky

Nothing could beat what I felt right then
The accomplishment I achieved

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