Tights, Skirt, Problem

September 4, 2008
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For Tanya

It all started with a show,
A production to be exact,
Although this production was a
Bit different…
A lot different

In August the show began,
The nightmare I would attend

In these productions you may see things
You’ve never seen before…
You may see


Or the laugh of your life.
Chiqueta Banana,
Not your everyday guy songs…
I had to dance to it…
With a skirt, see through tights, and

As I was dancing,
The skirt I was wearing
Fell off.

Standing there with…
See through tights

A yellow shirt

And boxers.
As I stood there still mugging,
As the song is still going on,
10 flashes of light beamed
in the audience.

I thought to myself afterward,
That must have been a Kodak moment.

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