August 24, 2008
The tail wisps above what deceives the eye.
The bell at the end sings gentle songs.
Whispering true tunes for sweet memories.
Thoughts as delectible as honey.
The sun glimmers to show a beautiful afternoon.
So perfect that it could be framed a thousand times and would never get dull.
A yellow so gay and delightful colors the fabric diamond at the top,
So radiant and bright that it could outshine the sun.
Do we even deserve the special moments in life?
The little things that we call nothing?
Surely not.
A simple kite and a beautiful day can form the most outrageous revelation about what we call nothing.

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Ann Wittenburg said...
Sept. 8, 2008 at 12:24 am
Great work Emilee, keep it up!
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