August 24, 2008
Hey. I see
you sighing
about that toy
in the window.
You want it,
don't you?
You know, I can help you with
that, It's called borrowing.
Without permission, y'know.

Why're you givin' me that
look? People do it all the time

kid! It's called

survival of

the fittest,

take what you

want! We'll all

Just die anyway,
They probably have millions,
What's the harm in just one?

Hey Kid,

you stole that toy
yesterday, could you do
me a favor ? I like that toy
in that wi
ndow? I like it,
how bouts
you stealin' it for
me? You
did it once, whats
wrong with again? There's
no harm,
didn't we prove
that yester
day? Just steal it,
I want it,
you stole before,
you're not
chicken, are you?

Hey Kid, what's wrong
with you? You've stole me
lots of things, now, you stolen
things you
want, things I
want, and
now you says you
cant stop. Hah! You need to be tough
Steal those
jewels for me, huh?
Have some
Crack, It wont hurt.
You stole,

join the club-
Hey, you

can't leave! STOP!

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