I'm not the person I thought I was

August 24, 2008
By OverxandxOver SILVER, Independence, Missouri
OverxandxOver SILVER, Independence, Missouri
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I thought I was a strong person,
who can stand back up after anything.
But soon learned it's alot harder,
then you would think.

I thought I could hold back tears,
no matter how much pain I'm going through.
Latley I've been waking up to a wet pillow
and bloodshot eyes.

I thought I could keep my heart together,
even after all the s*** I'm put through.
But after what you did to me,
its shattered and broked to pieces.

I thought I could keep myself from
fallin in love with you.
Then soon realixed it was far
too late for that.

I hate being this way,
I'm a completley different person.
I dont even know who I am anymore
and I dont know what to do.

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