August 23, 2008
By Shannon Keane, South Salem, NY

Do you see this sentence clearly?
Say that out loud.
Now call out to a family member.
If they respond, do you hear any sound?
Find a piece of paper, write the word "gratitude"
Can you feel the pen in your hand?
Listen to your favorite song.
Do you hear the music played by the band?
Take a deep breath in.
Can you do that alone?
Put your hand to your heart.
Does it beat on its own?
Go find some food. Take a bite and chew.
Drink water. Swallow it down.
Is someone doing this, or is it just you?
Kick your leg forward.
Move your arms up and down.
Make your mouth smile.
Now make it frown.
Are your movements voluntary?
Are your thoughts, your actions?
Are you here reading this of your own free will, and do you feel your reactions?
When it seems our lives are filled with so many struggles, remember...
And remember that you can remember, when others struggle with remembering family members
or their own name,
let alone a gratitude list in the form of a poem.

The author's comments:
My mother tells me to write gratitude lists all the time. It really does.

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