Not So Loving Lie

August 23, 2008
By Autumn Chandler, Knoxville, TN

I taste your heartbeat on my lips
While you hold me close

I dream of battles and fear
Trapped in the confines of the scene
Only to open my eyes
And find myself in your embrace

Maybe my words are deceiving

Your face holds no shadows
You do not take out your anger
On me
You are my angel on earth

Perhaps I speak lies
To everyone around me
But that is what you want
To appear bold and strong and noble
With a damsel by your side
Who adores even the sweat of your brow
Not a maiden who cowers
And waits for your displaced fury

I can pretend to be what you want
I can pretend you are mine
I can imagine your arms around me
Because you love me
And not because I’m your prisoner

I can kiss your neck
And try to sleep again
To dream of our happy ending

But that would be lying.

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