lack of sympathy

August 23, 2008
By ashley harris, Boise, ID

a small shattered heart,
thrust into the darkness by the tourment of a twisted mind,
hiding in the dark, cause no one can see you,
no one can hurt you,
the comfort of being in that place
so used to being sad,
so used to being angry,
your minds' racing thoughts,
hurling you into a darker dimension
you use the blade like a drug, cutting away at yourself,
you cut to bleed, to breathe,
you cut to feel pain in a physical form,
distracting yourself from your mental tradgies,
you cut to feel alive
because so much of you feels deaad,
broken, pathetic,
you think there's no point to life,
you waste away the days, sleeping, hiding from reality, running from the world,
keep running,
keep hiding.
keep feeling sorry for yourself,
cause i don't

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