confused about you

August 22, 2008
By Nana Amoako, Queen Creek, AZ

it's hard to understand the man, the one who wants
to hold your hand,

says he loves you, takes it back,
breaks your heart and says your fat,

looks into your eyes so deep
Doesn't care to hear you weep

Poors his heart out tells you lies
Puts his hands around your thighs

sings a song to make you smile
you listen cause it's worth your while

Kisses you so soft and tender,
Has you wrapped around his finger,

Calls you late into the night,
Just to tell you something right,

Who thought I would ever meet someone
The one, who makes me want to run,

I never thought that love was true,
expecially when i met you,

you took everything i ever had,
and man i wish i had it back,

The author's comments:
i was in a really bad relationship.
And to encourage myself i wrote a poem
for anybody who has ever been lied to or

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