Till Passion Dies

August 22, 2008
By Madeline Bennett, Vancouver, WA

Swiftly moving to not be heard,
Silence sliced through the air, like a burning knife
Holding passion, Fire, Anger
Step after step,
Felling a weight on top of my feet.
A weight that wouldn’t leave me alone
Stumbling through the silenced darkness
Too much silence, darkness, Pain
Looking waiting searching for the one thing I wished for most,
Yet every time I got close, it disappeared into the darkness once again
Then footsteps, I look up, it wasn’t what I hoped for,
Trying to break out of my hypnotic stare at the dark towering object in front of me,
Feet held to the floor,
Wishing to get free, yet my heart says to stay,
And my feet wouldn’t move,
Each breath the darkness took shook the ground,
I shudder when its breath hit me,
Like someone slapping me to the floor I collapse,
Utter exhaust and pain filled every bone in my body,
How would one get free?
Stuck here, with that,
I tried to move,
I felt paralyzed, hopeless, traumatized,
Feelings filled inside me, of the things I didn’t do in my life time, then out of nowhere I heard a voice screaming,
The scream echoed through the room then started again, and then I noticed whose scream it was,
My mouth opened letting out a loud screeching scream into the icy silenced air.
I could finally move,
I start to crawl,
Towards a small cave like structure in a dark corner, yet each step I took the floor groaned, as if about to crack right under me,
I looked out as if to see a hand reaching out, my night in shining armor,
Yet all I saw was darkness,
Then in the distance I saw a flash of color,
Then another and another,
The colors surrounding me at the moment, flying in circles around me, all I saw was light, and then it stopped
In a shadow I saw his silhouette,
Help, I tried to scream, yet not a single sound echoed,
I saw another, it was her, waltzing up to him, I saw him hug her, and give her a kiss. It was obvious
He loved her as I am left without love life, and happiness,
Sadness surrounds me once again,
I searched for you!
I tried to scream,
I love you!
He looked in my direction,
His eyes held humor,
Then he took her with him and vanished. I was left all alone.
I knew I wouldn’t be able to do any thing, I slowly got up,
It felt like a thousand needles were piercing into my light pale skin that clung to my bones,
The only thing protecting my broken heart,
I step into the darkness,
The spot I sat in has collapsed,
I see them, sitting at a dinner table, hand in hand,
He holds roses, and a ring,
The ring meant for me,
Not her,
He gets down on his knee,
“NO!” I scream over and over again, he pays no attention,
“ I promise, I just want a second chance!” he doesn’t look at me, then it happens, she kicks him away, he falls, heart broken, my heart shatters, if I was there, he wouldn’t get rejected,
She waltzes out of the restaurant, he sits there,
With a fingerless ring, and a broken heart,
I reach out only to feel the ground collapse under me,
Falling seeing him look over at me,
His eyes holding something I never had seen before,
He ran and grabbed my hand,
We stayed that way for a while, until I began to slip,
He knew that I would fall, his words were mute yet I could read his lips,
I was expecting him to let me go, but he didn’t, he lifted me up, I knew what would happen, he pushed me out of the way,
Only to be eaten by the falling ground, I screamed, he looked up,
I know I can’t live without him,
I jump down into the never ending darkness,
He grabs me,
And holds me to him, I knew he didn’t want to let me go,
Finally I could hear him speak,
“I love you too,” his hazel eyes showed in the darkness, passion filled them. We fell into internal darkness together,
We would live on forever,
Until passion itself dies,

The author's comments:
This piece is about a time when I did not want to show my real feelings, I was afraid of what may come, yet in the end i finally opened up and ended up with exactly what i wanted. yet like most things, it was very difficult to do.

I am a freshman, and my biggest goal is to beable to write about the unkown cultures of some of the worlds tribes.

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