The reason why Mr Frogg almost ate an innocent insect the other day

August 22, 2008
The Rain was just about to stop,
Mr Frogg punctually finished his shower,
when a potential breakfast passed by
and perched on a nearby flower.

Direct and flabbergasted as he was,
Mr Frogg jumped next to his future meal.
„Hey, I‘m gonna guzzle you and you will die“,
he began, „would you agree to this deal?“

First shocked, then deep in thought,
the little insect finally said: „I see!
But why should I enjoy being eaten up,
ask someone else, not me!“

„I‘m afraid, little fly“, Mr Frogg explained,
„we can‘t do that - yummy, yummy!
So let me gulp you right now,
then enjoy being in my tummy!“

„Oh, that would be the best place for a fly indeed,
so first take a closer look at my name,
you will immediately recognize“, the other pointed out,
„your eyes obviously are pretty lame.“

„Well“, Mr Frogg sighed noisily,
„I‘ll do you that favour“, and did as he had told,
then got aware of his mistake
and felt indeed lame and also quite old:

„Oh my, I feel ashame a lot,
my eyes are bad, you were right, false fly!
I swear, I didn‘t recognize at first,
but in fact there is ‚butter‘ before the F L Y.“

So Mr Frogg excused himself, then quickly left,
and the other thought how lucky he was today,
shivered at the idea of a normal fly being breakfast instead,
then the beatious butterfly quivered away.

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