March 16, 2013
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Nowhere to go, she's been trapped for years,
So she sits in the tower with her long golden hair.
She gazes down the window and observes the world nearby,
Staring at the pasture and revering the sky.
She stares at the stars and closes her eyes to wish,
That she could run away or the witch would perish.
But alas, her dreams proved futile and inane,
As she heard the enchantress call out her name.
She dropped down her hair for the enchantress to ascend,
An action she was both used to and wanted to end.
Her time was running out she would surely go mad
If she spent a year more in that prison seeing that old hag.
But she was not a warrior, and power she had none.
She wasn't adept with weapons, couldn't handle a gun.
Only long golden hair and a beautiful face was she blessed
Although she had a big heart and natural finesse.
But what would that do to a witch with strange spells?
Only incite laughter and a lifetime sentence to that cell.
Still, she refused to lounge by each day,
And wait for a handsome prince to come take her away.
She would do it on her own; she didn't need a prince to come save her life,
What a man could do, a woman also, with hard work and strife.
So when the witch came calling the next day,
She knew already her plan to get away.
After she let her hair down the witch began to rise,
Then she cut her hair off and the witch fell to her demise.
She looked outside the window to see that her foe,
Was dead and long gone and she was a free to go.
So she wove her long hair and created a rope,
That would lead her to the real world and give her hope.
As she walked through the woods, her heart filled with glee
That she was alive, well, victorious and free.

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