August 22, 2008
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Never expected
Never wanted
Yet you've driven me into
A deep state of

Standing here,
Facing down,
Swaying on the spot,
A natural rhythm.
I've never danced like this before
But it feels so natural.
Like this is where
I'm meant to be.
Holding you
Holding me.

My fingers tighten,
Skim your neck,
Yours respond,
Grasp my hips
Just a little closer.
No one ever
Says a word.
Glance in your eyes.
More than I can stand.

The music plays
It may as well not.
I want him more,
Much more than you.
But you
Are the undesired
Object of my need.
I need to close the gap
Between us.
Throw my arms around your neck,
Feel yours hold me
Strong forever.
It never happens.
Music ends.
Slide off you as you
Let me go.
We want others
But we need each other.

Inconvenient need.
Obliviating need.

I see you every day
Still no one
Says a word.
Glance in your eyes.
Just as painful.
I hear you like me
From your friends.
That the things you said
To me
Meant you do.
I hear that other girls
Are jealous.
Of what? I think,
Need is pain.
Need is oblivion.

I pass you.
We are
Both alone,
Unsure of wants,
Full of need.
I look into your eyes,
Needing them
To say something.
Your eyes need more.
Need so much more.
You are tired,
Look sunken.

Other girls
Say you're depressed.
Say I should
Speak to you.
They don't understand.
We have no want,
No desire,
No wish
For this.
We cling
To what we have
And need
So much more.

I've driven you into
A deep state of

I fall into you
So overwhelmed
That I bounce out of your
Strong forever
The one I need.

I dream of you at night
Of our dance,
Your neck
Your fingers slightly trembling but
In my dreams,
We never part.
Cling together
Strong forever.

You've driven me into
A deep state of

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Skippy said...
Sept. 7, 2008 at 6:27 am
I'm really impressed with the reversed images of oblivion, shifting like dance partners. I like the idea that they have each driven each other into oblivion, and that the poem comes from that state. Makes the narrator delightfully unreliable. A wonderful poem.
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