August 21, 2008
By Will Johnson, Keller, TX

How do you go about doing something you hate?
Do you stand there peering through the bars of the gate?
How do you tell others how you feel?
And truly convince them that what you say is real?
When all you know is remorse and regret,
And you still haven't come out of it yet,
How can you ever hope to forget?
There comes a time for everyone,
When all your life seems to have been undone,
When your heart feels like it weighs a ton,
When all your friends have been reduced to none.
But even as impossible as it may seem,
And sometimes you just want to scream,
Any situation, despite its appearance,
Can be gotten through with perseverance.
The truth is that it's all in your mind,
People just don't see it because they're blind,
You never need be sad or depressed,
You can lay all those horrid feelings to rest,
Everyone has a life to fulfill,
But whether you go or simply stand still,
Is all merely a matter of will…

The author's comments:
This is something that i feel describes a part of each of us but holds a very special meaning for me, especially when i wrote it.

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on Sep. 7 2008 at 3:18 am
wow you have a great perspective of things! I can't agree with you more. The only things that I noticed was punctuation and stanzas. You don't have to have a punctuation mark after every line, especially the commas. I think that a lot of people when writing poems feel that they need to use commas so much that they overuse them and take away the rightful duty of one. haha that sounds a little funny,the "rightful duty of a comma" sorry I'm not the best explainer but its like people overuse them so that it takes away the value that they originally pocessed. Also with the stanzas. I think it might have been better if you had broken it up into different stanzas. But those are just minor things and I think I'm rambling too much so I'll give you a break and stop now. =P I really liked this piece though! Great job :)


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