The Winter Solstice

March 15, 2013
Breathing like a steam engine
I lean back to see
Millions of dancing stars
Winking and twinkling
Possibly staring back
Right at me
Gravity takes me
Bring me down
Down to the ground
Down on silvery blades
That break under me
Chilling my core
Turning me to ice
But that’s alright
Sighs escape lips like ice
Dancing away in mist
Something’s magic
Night is the magic
A long night
The longest night
From the shortest day
That’s alright
I like the night
Especially this night
This icy night
And Christmas lights
Glowing and shining
So bright in the dark
A beacon of hope
This night
The solstice
Winter’s beginning
Winter’s special night
Winter’s birthday
Happy birthday
Soon Merry Christmas
Good night, Father Winter

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