Two Pushing Hands

March 15, 2013
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There the only ones who work for me. I understand them. Two Pushing hands with nails bitten off. they both belong here. Many excuses not to use them. Every day we use them, but work with them only knowing when your calluses break you know you're pushing them to hard. They grow longer, growing with my body, breaking and jamming just to cause pain to another person.
I don’t know how they still work. Don't forget one reason, they all will hurt at one time. Push push push when i hit, throw, and lift. They still work. I’m to tired to move any part of my body but they just keep working for me, using them for everything against so many elements, then i lay just looking at my hands. Two that grew with me, there every rep, every hit, every push. Two who never let me down. Two whose only there to hold or push, its more than that

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