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March 7, 2013
To recapitulate what I've already stated

Which I with fleet and fervor intimately intimated

With intrepid trepidations say what I elucidated

Compose a message salient and clear

To fitfully encapsulate what we've anticipated

Disillusionment distilled inside a single hour belated

With the atavistic urgency that we have allocated

For you my beloved one alone to hear

To keenly and serenely realize what we have created

A flurry of concurrences our minds have contemplated

An idle flicker of the eye from which I've extrapolated

To say blissfully and mellifluously

To resurrect the merriment that time eviscerated

When with bounteous adulating waves we were inundated

With vespertine vivacity you soundly scintillated

You're why the choirs sing and visionaries see

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