Overzealous Zealots

March 7, 2013
By dogdayedpulse SILVER, Toledo, Ohio
dogdayedpulse SILVER, Toledo, Ohio
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The soothsayer's burning the neon bible

The fire he's kindled has spread to the trees

Then the poet, a stoic, says if you're so faithless

Why have so much faith in disbelief ?

The watchman and guardian both fight for glory

One fearing stagnation; the other one change

Neither conquers the Gordian Knot of deciding

From spiritual drought or atomic rain

Which the overzealous zealots advocate

There's a chapel adorned with a fluorescent triptych

And beneath its borders ring jovial hymns

Its admirer is mired in its message most cryptic

Conducting his choir with phantom limbs

He's painted himself into brilliant corners

With imprecise brushstrokes void of design

Expectant spectators inscribe their own meanings

And call the ones that don't see it blind

And the overzealous zealots lose their minds

When the waking Somnambulist vaults from her nightmare

Her vapid surroundings will render her vexed

Time immemorial wasn't enough to

Make sense of illusory scrambled text

She's lifting her crutch to illumine the skyway

A beckoning beacon to foretell her course

She espies constellations molded in her image

Aligning the stars to a moral north

As the overzealous zealots trample forth

Narcoleptics and insomniacs envy each other

Though neither is quite sure which one is asleep

Awakenment abstracts away from the prophets

Which both men are bound to bounteously reap

They're approaching the tomb of acceptance and virtue

Of which time has divested its former appeal

A lost mausoleum of lore and beliefs which

Lives in the book of the seventh seal

And the overzealous zealots shout with zeal!

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