Soundtrack of My Life

August 21, 2008
By Samantha Howard, SPOKANE, WA

The music plays,
So rhythmic and beautiful.
It always plays.
It has never ceased,
Though it’s different everyday.

It’s my breath,
My thoughts,
My emotions,
My sanity.

When the rain pummels down,
And the storm clouds rumble,
The polished black cello
Hums into life.

And the saxophone awakens
With a sweet, soft sound
That vibrates through the
Tumbling torrent
With it’s soothing tune and
Tender tempo.

The melancholy music
Reflects my misery.
I just want the music to stop.

But the music never ends.

A strong and powerful rasp
Flares in the melody
As my blood boils.
That’s when the
Electric guitar hisses
And the percussion bangs
And my head pounds
With the rock hard beat.

The strength within the noise
Reflects my anger.
I just want the music to stop.

But the music never ends.

Then there are days
When the sun shines,
And the world giggles
Along with my happiness.

The flute strikes up
A soft soprano harmony.
Like wind chimes
Blowing in the
Summer breeze.

The xylophone rings out
In the dry, flower-scented air.
Singing along with the birds.

The merry tune
Reflects my joy.
I don’t want the music the stop.

And the music never does.

I know one day
When I grow old,
And death knocks on my door,

The music shall fade
With my fading heartbeat.
And the day I cease,
So will the music.

For every soul
Has a soundtrack.
And eventually every
Soundtrack ends.

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