The Unknown Student

August 21, 2008
She was born on the morning of April 3rd,
Perhaps it was sunny.
She started kindergarten at the age of six,
Perhaps she had fun.
She failed her first EQAO test,
Perhaps she had tried hard.
She skipped all her immunization shots,
Perhaps she was scared of needles.
She became a citizen before Gr.6 graduation,
Perhaps she was proud.
She failed eight subjects in Gr.7,
Perhaps she cried herself to sleep.
She transferred to another school in Gr.8,
Perhaps she was relieved.
She started cutting school in Gr.9,
Perhaps she was depressed.
She talked to the guidance counselor several times,
Perhaps she felt insignificant.
She failed Gr.10 and got left back one year,
Perhaps she was ashamed.
She dropped out of school in Gr.11, the only one in her year to not graduate,
Perhaps she felt guilty.
Perhaps she’s different now.
Perhaps she’s content now.
But what does that matter?
What does “perhaps” matter, when her school file clearly states that she was a failure?

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aime said...
Oct. 7, 2008 at 1:30 am
OMG! THere awesomness Anna! I loved them top to bottom. I hope your not emo like your poems. you should honestly consider a writing career!
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