Never Quit Dreaming

August 22, 2008
By Jessica Ingram, Bossier City, LA

“Never Quit Dreaming”
March 21st 7:57
Spread your wings it’s time to fly
Up above this world so high
Shining like the brightest stars
Making mistakes that leave scars
Climb your way, get to the top
Life’s not always the cream of the crop
There are people who will bring you down
Tell you you’re nothing and push you around
Show them what you’re made of
Tell them whose boss
And don’t burn down the bridges that may
Need to cross
It’s a Dog eats dog world and don’t you forget
There’s nothing in this world that you need to regret
Flash a smile the camera’s here
Don’t be afraid or live in fear
You made a living it’s time to settle down
Put away you’re wing it’s time to come down
Never quit dreaming, Live the life you love
Because the world below when you’re soaring up above

The author's comments:
I am a big DREAMER -- I want to be a writer some day... my grandma told me, "Never Quit Dreaming" and I've pasted it on to anyone who has big dreams n thats why I wrote this poem

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