Break Into

August 20, 2008
Spend all my time dreaming.
Knowing who I want to be.
Someone inside is bursting.
Just wanting to break free.

Ready to open the gates.
Let down the barriers.
Show them how it's done.
And how they can't control me.

Show you what you want to see.
But I got to remember I'm me.
Can't just throw out my principle.
All to impress you and be who you want to be.
There is more than this image.
More than the silly mistakes.
Want to know my heart desires.
Listen and accept me.
Break down my barriers and show,
You don't care if I'm me.

Want to just have fun.
Spend my life living.
Want to just live the dream.
But you got to start, and get the heads out of the clouds.

Want to break down the barriers.
Ready to break into freedom.
Breaking into who I am.
Can't let you change me.

I got crazy ideas.
Some which you wouldn't know.
You don't try and know me.
So why should I bother with you?

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