The Game of Love

August 20, 2008
By Samantha Gardea, El Paso, TX

Crimson skies
Burn my life
Drown my heart
Suffocate my rights

What an i to you?
What am i to him?
And do you care,
Love’s sweetest sin.

Darkened hearts
All around.

Love is lost
Hate is found.

Chaos all around
Grudges grow strong.

The lights are shut off,
The road becomes long.

Why is she being tormented?
Was it something she did,
Or did they take it too far,
The things that they said.

Minds can be captured.

Rebels can be tamed.

Hearts can be manngled.

And yet we hold the blame.

The fire calls to me,
It knows my name.

It knows my regrets,
It knows my shames.

I know it will burn me,
Once I get close.

But it burns so brightly.

And that’s what kills me the most.

Beauty will burn.

Filth will contaminate.

And upon my shoulders,
Desisions take great weight.

Will i be fire?
Or rather the rain.

And feel the cool storms washing,
My cares all away.

Can there be some neutrality,
So I can get off a little better
Will the fire grow stronger,
Or will the rain just get wetter?

Is it easier as it goes on,
The game of love

The author's comments:
This is my first submission.
I love using symbolism.
It makes more sense to me
and makes life seem more abstract.
I really hope you like it

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