August 21, 2008
By Megan Gowen, Rayle, GA

Death comes on the feet of angels along with life we hold dear,
For all life is, is preparation for that one day we all fear.

Live not as such, breathe.
Let your breast rise and fall, with the tides of the ocean, with the rhythm of an unknown world.

Watch as if your last the sun fall in slumber,
Never sum your life in mortal number.

The stars… our guide to a life and self, we dare not hide.

Traitorous we are to our selves,
Into to our youth we do not delve.

Our time in not a well so deep,
Treasure it and…all… before our eternal sleep.

The author's comments:
I have heard that you should live every day as though it was your last, and I thought, "why not let my heart say it in its own voice.

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