August 24, 2008
By Meredith Baker, Houston, TX

I convince myself that I can be
Fine on my own
No need for me
To have someone by my side
No one one to hold
No one to huddle into
A perfect form of my mold.
But then at times, I catch myself thinking
Of a hand to hold, and my heart starts sinking.
Not because there is someone meandering through my mind.
Rather a gap of closeness whose culprit I can't find.
But we all crave the closeness that lets us rest assured
That someone else we have allured
But with no one to look for, And no one in sight
Fighting the distance, the loneliness with all of my might.
Smelling the danger of this unquenchable desire
That leads to bad decisions to try to light the flame of the fire.
So while closeness still perches on the edge, I will sit tight through.
Because when it is right, the actions withheld will only bring me closer,
Closer to you.

The author's comments:
I am the teen correspondent for the CBS affiliate in Houston and the teen contributor to the HOuston Chronicle.

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