Hard To Trust

March 7, 2013
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What does love mean to you? Sometimes you say and do stuff that don’t seem to matter. But it matters to me. We’re on the phone and I’m telling you how I feel because I actually have feelings for you. I really like you Antwan. I’ve known you for like a year and we’ve talked as friend. Then you asked me out and I thought things were going to get better and we step out of the friend zone. I began to feel butterflies every time you’re around.

You really messed up. I didn’t know this was going to be the person I was going to go out with. I thought you were going to be the boy that didn’t talk to all these girls. But you are and you put it on yourself. You gave me your Facebook password and I went through your messages. We started going out on January 21st. it hasn’t even been a month and you’re talking to a bunch of girls. I mean I want you to have friends, girls as friends. The way you were talking to them it seemed like we didn’t even go out. Did you forget about me? I was so mad to the point I didn’t talk to. But at least this was showing I cared. We argued for about three days non stop because you were all I could think about. All you had was excuses. It’s no reason why you did this. I have been honest and wasn’t talking to anybody else but you, because you were all I cared about. I began to think that I wasted my time going out with you and we should just brake up. You almost ruined everything between me and you.
After a long time thinking, I decided to give you another chance. It would be hard to just let go of somebody I knew for awhile then somebody I just met, anyways everyone deserved another chance. I told you how I felt and hope you understand, and that this was going to be your last chance. I’m not the person to just keep letting this happen and you tell me you’re sorry every time. I know from past relationships that it isn’t going to work out how I want it, it’s like me letting you cheat on me and we still be together. After all of this I push all the arguing behind so we could work things out. You told me you would never do it again and I trusted you when you said it. I was happy again. I loved you.

Three weeks pass by and I check your messages again and all of a sudden my emotions change. All the butterflies fade and bats appear.

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