I Still Miss You:

March 12, 2013
I still miss you, but not as much as I have before.
The intense pain of aching I felt isn’t here anymore.
I still whisper your name just to hear it, but not as often as I used to.
Now it may be just twice, before the day is through.
I still hear your voice, replaying through my mind.
It’s fading away slowly, soon silence I hope to find.
I still want you; I need to feel your touch.
It’s not like it was before, I don’t dream as much.
I still think of you, and wonder how you are.
My feelings in a way have changed; they just don’t go as far.
I still feel you sometimes; maybe it’s your thought of me?
Maybe it’s just my “perfect” memory of how we used to be.
I can still hear you saying, “I love you.”
That’s hopeless after all you’ve put me through.
You still have a piece of my heart, which I stupidly gave to you.
Now I’m hoping I’ll get lucky and that will fade away too.
This, I guess is my last “goodbye”; I’ve got nothing else to say.
Not that it really matters, because o matter how I try, I’ll love you anyway.
Everything I’ve just said about you, will just soon and quickly fade.
Because, I still miss you.

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