January 25, 2008
By josh mccoy, Mattawan, MI

You moved away
I hated you
we got a busy tone
you moved away
and you left me behind
love is a privilege
you've taken it away
you may not get it back
because you don't deserve it
you broke me like a pencil
I looked up to you
until you made me cry
you moved away
nobody knew
until it was to late
I didn't understand
I couldn't stop you
you say you don't deserve me
but I think you do
you moved away
and had a little girl
Ive never seen her yet
you don't call anymore
I want to know
if your still alive
every once in awhile
your not the same
its not what I wanted
I hoped you would come back
my hope was crushed
when you said it was your new home
I don't hate you
but you don't deserve my love
despite your words
before you left
I must be strong
I will not cry
I just wish you would come home
my heart is dust
your car waking up from a long night
why wont you come home
I miss you

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