God's Gift of Love

August 29, 2008
One day two people seem perfect together,
They seem like they were meant for each other,
They seem to have so many things in common,
Including the love of their Father in heaven,

Some days two people seem perfect for each other,
But they live far away,
And won’t ever be together,
They wish it could work,
But know that it won’t,
Perhaps they just need to trust God’s plan for them both.

Most days two people seem perfect for each other,
If only they could just be together,
Best friends never knowing that those feelings are there,
If only they knew how much the other one cared,
Each day God lets people know that they are loved,
By people on earth and by Him up above,
If only those people trusted their King,
To bring them that person meant to be their everything,
Those people could live and those people could love,
Those people are God’s children,
They’re God’s gift of LOVE....

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