Dwelling Over You

August 28, 2008
By Aman Basra, Delta, British Columbia, ZZ

so crisp, so clear
are the words thou said
still heard, still remembered
are eternal? sounds

my habit-an addiction
that I willingly relapse into
I let myself fall
to the words thou whispered
expectations are simple
Where is the exuberance?
Oh, that first high
I can never recapture

my head is spinning
the moment has passed
in dark woods
I search for your words-my fire
the smothering flames in my eyes
last only for a second
re-lighting the spark?
success that will come and go;
success that will soon only go

I can't survive alone
in gloomy forests
light is guidance
path to open fields
is unattained
numbness surfaces
hope hardens
a wanderer I'll be
in dark woods
without my flame

stubbornness drives my denial-
my hope
a re-born flame
I sought for its longer life
for it to prove its the lasting one
be true to my eyes, I ask
as your words I wish
were to my ear

when will it be,
that thou will be of reality,

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