The Very Essence of Life

August 28, 2008
In open palms lies the very element of life

More beautiful and more precious than gold dust

A feeling it stirs inside of me, simmering and than boiling over

Birthing forth a curiosity more awakening than the brightness of the sun

And yet just as equally, it feels me with glorious warmth

At the same time placing joy within, more spontaneous than a spark

I am like an enthusiastic toddler; it catches my attention so swiftly

I’d search the heavens, the far galaxies and anywhere beyond just to witness this unfolding of life

Slowly as it unfurls and unwinds my anticipation grows

Its glamour is unmatched

And holding the most foudroyant fragrance I have ever known

Its existence is my epiphany

All over the world sprouts these tiny treasures

I watch silently, wait patiently, and seek diligently the very symbol of life

It is my will, to share with you, the very essence of life

Anyone can do this; it is just within arms reach

And so I make a list of praises:

Free to explore this pleasant and unique creature
Love is its representation
Only a few embrace and cherish its existence
We know the ways of which to maintain it
Eventually all learns of its delight
Realizing the jubilance it brings and spreads throughout
Sharing these details, sincerely, is my greatest wish

The last seven lines should spell flowers.

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