Judgement Day

August 28, 2008
By Annie Keller, Eau Claire, WI

Extinguish the fire in your eyes
Blow out the candles until you die
Collect the salty tears you cry
And hand them over before they dry
Anxious as I deem the shards you left
Before the dust enveloped them
I have eyes on the back of my head
And in your closet and under your bed
In this dark wide open space
You can’t see mine but I laugh in
your face
Marked with scars and out of place
You stand before me without grace
Pennies and nickels melt like butter
Try to dignify but you only stutter
Your mind has morphed into another’s
Lost the lime light and lost the luster
Did you ever truly imagine
That your façade could not withstand it
That all these crazy things could happen?
Somehow no longer is it quite as enchanted
So keep on drinking up your poison
You chose this while ignoring the voices
So now as you rot the rest rejoices
For now you're gone and moving on
Is finally among their choices

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unloved said...
on Aug. 31 2008 at 3:28 am
WOW. I loved your poem. The deepness is so meaningful. It is so dark with so much hate. I hope I could write so great. hope you look up my poem "Freedom From You"

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