Dinner for Three

August 28, 2008
By Tori Capps, Kendall Park, NJ

My hand motions through the air
as if it were one of those movies
and all you can see
is the characters
expressions but
no sound

you’d like that wouldn’t you?
if I couldn’t talk back

I bet she can’t
throw her purse at you
as hard as I can

you’d like that wouldn’t you?
if I were weak
isn’t that what you are?

you close the drapes
when you see them watching

but why?
it’s not a lockdown
I don’t mind them seeing
us fight
from the outside

it’s pretty funny.

now you’re mad right?
I shouldn’t be talking to you like this
you think you should well respected
hate to break it to you
but I don’t think we’re on the same page
hell not even the same life time

I think I’m reaching the border line
of where your anger
turns to danger
oh I’m shaking
(out of laughter of course)

you can keep giving me excuses
But how about I save your breath?

you want a girl from the 1950’s
the one who cleans and cooks
oh and don’t forget the laundry.

and when you saw I would
be her
you snuck away
to someone
you thought
was better
someone quiet

but She didn’t know
that She
was the side dish

yeah We got to talking
and now
I know
she isn’t the weak one
its you

so now what you have?

No home cooked meal
No respect
Just the secret that you want to stay
Hidden between the three of us

you’re reading my words
My feelings
as you can see
I’m screaming
your secret to the world

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